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CARE FOR YOUR BREASTS, BUY THE RIGHT TAPE Be aware of Brassybra´s counterfeits. Our bra tape which we provide are made from top quality medical adhesive, made in cooperation with world-class manufacturer and are dermatologically tested. Unfortunately, the concept is poorly copied and not the same design as Brassybra and by dubious producers. These can cause skin damage, as they contain ingredients that are banned in the EU /US, but sadly, it is not required to pass dermatologic tests to be able to sell. On the other hand, the Brassybra bra tape, available on this website are classified as 'harmless' and safe for use. Brassybra is designed to be the same thickness and elasticity of the skin. This premium quality cotton...

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Ulimited options with Brassybra

Brassybra gives you unlimited options! It fits almost any outfit, you can also cut it to fit the dress or top you are wearing. One strapless bra to rule them all! from A to DDDD/G cup. @mish_mindy modell Mindy colette @mikmillyy Mika Belle on the runaway wearing Brassybra on Project Runway Sweet 16 finale. @mariannejemtegard Marianne Jemtegård wearing Brassybra @beth_wilson95 Beth Wilson   @curveelle Elle Valera wearing Brassybra   @jenny_leeeee wearing Brassybra

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What I like about the name Brasybra

  What I like about Brassybra ? It is shameless and bold, Brassy used to describe women that are overly confident, sassy and don´t care what other people think. We salute these principles and show that all women can and should feel well no matter shape and size. 

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Brassybra in Tandem web Magazine

The link to Tandem Magazine = https://tandem.no/2017/06/gjor-ideen-levebrod/ (it´s in Norwegian) The founder of Brassybra  Katherina Børve Imagine being able to pull off that backless dress or that dress with the deep neckline. Imagine a bra that shapes, lifts and supports. A bra that is invisible and almost transparent. A bra that replaces that strapless one, that you’re not really satisfied with. That almost impossible task of finding that right bra for your dream wedding dress.  Don’t even think about duct tape, instead think cotton.  Stop searching!        

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Brassybra on TV2 God morning Norway

We are so happy to tell you, we have been featured on God Morning Norway Tv2, Norwegian largest breakfast show, where Marianne Jemtegård said that Brassybra was her new favorite product.  Se it here -->   http://www.tv2.no/v/1209169/   Brassybra is a adhesive breast lift tape, that lift, shape and support the breast.  breast tape size A-DDDD/G. The best boob tape with second skin technology. Water resistant bra.

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